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Ten Reasons Your Fundraiser is Likely to Fail

Published on: 2016-08-29 13:21:23

The arrival of a new school year and the fall sports season means more than just millions of athletes hitting the fields.

Coaches, athletes and boosters will also be kicking off the annual (and seemingly perpetual!) fundraising efforts to plug budget holes, upgrade equipment, increase supplies, improve pre-game meals, etc.

Billions of dollars in athletic budget cuts the last few years have made raising money successfully more important than ever. Yet, the vast majority of fundraising efforts are doomed to come up way short of their goal. How come?

1.  Lack of participation.

You know the drill. You can see the blood drain from their face, the parents roll their eyes, ‘Oh, not ANOTHER fundraiser…’

2.  Lack of execution.

Sure, you kicked it off. You handed out the fliers. You told EVERYONE the Money HAD to be in by…. and it NEVER Happens. The fliers, the money, the products, the inventory, the delivery … it quickly becomes a mess. All of sudden YOU’RE on the hook for $500.00 worth of candy bars, candles or discount cards.

 3.  Your Team’s Home Base is fundraised out. 

It’s called “fundraising fatigue”. With every school and volunteer group making the rounds in town, the locals have had enough of being asked to buy candy, cookie dough, magazines, frozen pizza, coffee, car washes, etc. Now what?

4.  The 80-20 rule.

 We all know this one. 80% of your cash gets raised by 20% of your players. You get lots of ‘I tried Coach’. ‘My Mom couldn’t bring me up to the Car Wash.’ ‘We are going out of town that day’. You’re a coach, not a sales manager. What are you supposed do, fire them? 

5.  Unappealing offering.  

From coast to coast, we’re all trying to live healthier and more active lives. We’re watching what we eat like never before. So why do millions of teams still sell junk food and junk products no one wants to buy?

6.  Too much work.

 Many Coaches just get their teams in over their heads. Either the offering is too complicated or it’s just literally too much effort to execute the plan. We call is “a long walk for a short drink.” Keep it simple!

7.  Low profit margins.

 Those bottles of pop and $1 raffle tickets may sell like hotcakes but how many will you have to sell to end up with a meaningful result. And don’t forget you’ve got to track, inventory, print and/or delivery every things your pushing out the door. Coaches can easily drown in the admin side of the fundraiser. That’s no fun and it’s not fair. You put in enough time already.

8.  Don’t ask for enough money from contributors.  

In today’s world, even $5 can feel like a lot to some families. Coaches can be overly sensitive to this and commit the cardinal sin of not asking for enough money. Disappointment inevitably follows. 

9.  Home made fundraisers often don’t work.

The road to Home Made Fundraisers is paved with great intentions. Mom’s will bake like they’re possessed! Dad will buy an abundance of supplies. Volunteers are camping out at the local print shop. Despite all the effort, the folks you need to open their wallets simply don’t turn out or respond. That makes it much harder to get everyone geared up for the next try.

10. Dishonesty.

This one really hurts. Funds get stolen. Tempers flare. It happens more than you think. Google it! The worst part? You, the COACH, often get the blame and take the fall

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