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About The Baseball Team's Spring Trip

Published on: 2016-08-08 11:27:05

Just about every high school baseball team north of the Mason Dixon line tries to head south early in March or April. Why? They are looking for a place to go where they can get in some conditioning and play a few games against local competitors while the snow covered fields up north are starting to melt.

The Tuskers of Somers HS call home a leafy suburb about an hour north of New York City.  Last February, the team was finalizing plans for its spring trip. One problem remained unsolved: how to pay for it. The team's budget from the high school was already stretched as tight as a drum by routine regular season costs, including uniforms, supplies, umpire fees and transportation.

Enter Reaching Our Goal. In less than 24 hours from when the team reached out to us, the ROG crowdfunding campagn was launched. Players on the team spent abut 15 minutes adding contacts to their campaign. That was it.

Just a few weeks later, the results were in. The Tuskers had generated contributions of more than $10,000.

Contributions poured in from local supporters, people from nearby towns and folks from all over the country. For the Tuskers, heading south became much more affordable and for Reaching Our Goal, it was one of thousands of success stories accumulated over the years.  

Done right, crowdfunding designed specifically for teams really works.

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