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Coaches: Here's How to Use

Published on: 2016-08-06 12:59:04

Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye…

Hey let’s face it we all ‘talk’ to ourselves right. Like I’ve said to many is that when I am talking to myself at least I know I’ll get a right answer back ????

But seriously most people have a running dialogue with themselves. If you actually stop and listen to these messages, you may wonder how you accomplish anything at all. How many times in a given day do you find yourself mentally rehearsing the worst possible outcome, or telling yourself you can’t do something, or it’s too hard?

Over the years, research has shown that self-talk can boost productivity, motivation and confidence, and even help regulate emotions.

“There is robust evidence that self-talk strategies facilitate learning and enhance performance,” according to sport psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, who studies the phenomenon of self-talk.  He explains that there are generally three reasons why we practice self-talk: to instruct, to motivate or to evaluate.  Read more ...

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