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Published on: 2016-08-05 11:15:48

So it's not as much as fun as going to a water park with the kids, laying on the beach or hiking in the mountains.

Still, I learned a heckuva lot this summer.

I spent my free months talking to hundreds of college and high school coaches from all over the country, representing almost every team sport. 

I spoke with coaches I call the "99%'ers", not the Alabama Football’s and the Duke Basketball’s. In other words, I spoke to coaches like you. 

I heard stories of incredible professional commitment, limitless passion and great personal sacrifice.  There’s no doubt, coaches care deeply about their sport, their team and their athletes.  Not many professions can say the same. 

But you knew that already because you're a coach, too!

Here’s what else I learned: 

- Over 85% of coaches described their compensation as "too low” and their budgets as either "inadequate" or "very inadequate." 

- More than 75% of coaches engaged in fundraising efforts over the last 12 months to compensate for shortfalls in their budget. 

- Only 10% of the coaches that fundraised reported “reaching their goal” and fewer than 15% said fundraising was a “positive experience”. 

- 90% of all the coaches I spoke to strongly agreed with this statement “I’d welcome new ideas to get my team more money”. 

- Just 20% of the coaches knew what the terms “crowdfunding” or “online fundraising”. 

I’m sure none of this surprises you, but the last one was eye opening for me: 8 out of 10 coaches were not familiar with online fundraising. 

It caught me off guard because online fundraising is to teams like cell phones were to communication or lap tops were to mobility: groundbreaking. Why? 

Because it frees coaches, athletes and parents from the drudgery and disappointment of “traditional fundraising.” It creates a brand new population of supporters who have never been reached before. People who are actually glad to be asked and happy to help.

Does it work? Billions have already been raised online for causes like Finding a Cure for ALS, natural disaster relief, business start-ups, even new movies!

Yes, I’m biased. Our company — — pioneered online fundraising for sports teams a few years ago. We’ve helped thousands of teams since.  

Nevertheless, facts are facts. When an old problem is cured by a new solution that’s faster, easier and better, shouldn’t we all climb on board?

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